About Us

Meden Vale Engineering Company Ltd was originally set up in 1972 After some redundancies at another local toolmakers,

Maurice Vann who was in management position, running the business, took his redundancy money, borrowed an amount from his dad and dad in law, set about contacting some of the other lads that had been made redundant, found some premises to rent, and the rest as they say is history.

Having customer contacts, who had become friends over the years, a number of who wanted to stay with Maurice. If he could get a small business started, starting work would almost be guaranteed.

Maurice wanted to stay in Press Tool manufacture, not diverting, as most companies had done into plastic mould tools and to this day is still what Meden Vale specialise in.

With now over the 46 years of business, Meden Vale has embraced technology. It has bought the whole complex of premises that originally a few rooms had been rented and now stands able to finance any new customer projects.

Although over the years clients have moved on or retired, we still work for some of the companies that helped start Meden Vale, we have picked up new customers and are still building our customer base.